"Mguu Niponye" Driver Left Injured As Goons Demolish Kuria's Car With Chaos Taking Stage In Kiambaa


Earlier today there were chaos all over Kiambaa after police cancelled tournament sponsored by UDA candidate. Other sources indicate that Jubilee erected tents in the field just to stop UDA from holding the event. It's now evening and reports are coming in that Moses Kuria's car was destroyed by uknown people. Heavy police presence could be seen along UDA convoy.

As shared by Tangatanga blogger coleta Aluda, it is allleged to be paid goons who did that. Driver to the vehicle is said to have been injured in the incident.

[photo courtesy]

Although many will say that kuria is looking for sympathy votes like he did in Juja, it's however evident that UDA has always been at logger heads with the government. Jubilee seriously needs a win in Kiambaa but the three months old party is giving them sleepless nights. Win For Jubilee will revive them but a loss will be their last blow.

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