We voted for leadership, stop the excuses and fix the Dumsor - Prophet Oduro Fumes at government.


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It's been several weeks now since the country started experiencing power cuts. According to the power producing agencies GRIDCO, ECG, the interruptions in power supply is mainly a problem of transmission. Several public figures have urged the government to come out clearly and be truthful with the true state of the nation's power.

One of such public figures who has added his voice is the Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministries. In a video posted on nkonkonsagh on Instagram, he was heard fuming about the government's inability to fix the current power situation. "A nation more than 60years old living in such times, yet you still want to deny that were back to "Dumsor". If it's not Dumsor what then is it. Fix it, Fix it, Fix it. We voted for leadership, that is why leadership is important", He said in the video.


In other related news, Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) in a conference held yesterday revealed that more than 1.3 million cedis of the country's debt is acrued by the agents of power distributors who aid some citizens in illegal connections. Politicians are are also another group who are incurring more power generation debts. Some of them are not captured on the national system, yet find ways of consuming electricity without paying for them. To solve these challenges, they advised the government to adopt a whistle blower approach where citizens would have the power to voice out against any unlawful power consumption be it from an ordinary citizen or a politician. This in their view would go a long way in reducing the country's ever increasing power production and distribution debt.

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