They are Calling me at Night, DP Ruto Reveals What Leaders in Isiolo are Doing Over Fear of Arrest.

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With only thirty three days to the general election, the deputy president hon William Ruto continues to criss cross counties in search for votes to fill his presidential basket.

The second in command has been going through a lot of hurdles since he parted ways with his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta three years ago.

Speaking in Isiolo county yesterday, the deputy president urged the head of state to give him an easier time to compete with hon Raila Amollo Odinga even if he is not supporting him.

He further left the residents of Isiolo amazed after revealing that most leaders in the region are supporting him at night for fear of arrest and intimidation from the state.

"Some of your leaders here oppose me during the day time but call me at night telling me that they support me but they are fearing to be intimidated and arrest from the deep state. They have the fear of being taken to court on false allegation." The deputy president said.

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