Past Nigeria president and what they established


Each president brought his system to the country in their tenure

See the list of past Nigeria president and what they brought to the country .

No 1 : "babangida" created two states akwa ibom and katsina state and he later created another nine states , and he created road safety in 1988.

No 2: "olusegun obasanjo" established EFCC in year 2003 partially to respond to pressure from the financial action task force on money laundering.

No 3 :" Yar adua" it was created in august 2009 ,amnesty program was designed and established to tackle the problems of insecurity and youth restiveness in the Niger delta .

No 4 : "good luck Jonathan" in his tenure they introduced bvn to Nigeria citizens to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria.

No 5 :" Muhammad buhari " is the current president of Nigeria and he implemented the use of TSA , is the initiative operation of unified structure of Government bank account .

who do you think he did well in the past ?