History:Meet The Ex President Who Holds The Guinness Book Of Record for Most Fraudulent Election

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African elections are mostly marred by all kinds of fraudulent and violent activities. Some of these activities include multiple registration, impersonation, illegal possession of electoral materials, riots and hooliganism.

Other activities that characterize the elections may also include registration of minors, registration of aliens, providing false information and snatching of ballot boxes. All kinds of negative activities takes place during the election processes.

One of such elections was organized in Liberia a Democratic country, where the incumbent won by an overwhelming majority of votes. The general elections which was held in Liberia in 1927 was between the incumbent president Charles D.B.King of the True Whig Party and his political opponent Thomas J. Faulkner of the People's Party.

The incumbent emerged victorious and that was his third term in office. The election was christened by the country's National Elections Commission as the "Most rigged ever" and also made it into the Guinness book of record as the most fraudulent election ever reported in history.

This is due to the fact that 15,000 voters registered in the country after the counting King had won by 243,400 votes as against 9000 for his arch political rival Faulkner. The results showed that Charles D. B. King garnered 243,000 representing 96.43% and Faulkner 9000 representing 3.57%. The total was 252,000 votes.

Let's celebrate this man who's history will never be beaten in this life. I give to you His Excellency Charles D. B. King, a former Liberian President.

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