Supporters reactions to Barcelona's lost

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Barcelona lost to PSG. Kylian Mbappe scored a hat-trick for psg. who beat Barcelona IN THEIR FIRST LEG encounter, live from Cam NU on Tuesday in the champions league round off 16 stage . with Lion Messi scoring a consolation goal for Barcelona, from the penalty. what went wrong. all Barcelona fans are highly disappointed saying they must stop watching their them. but some too says as Barcelona fans they are not surprised. I though Mbappe was over rated at first but now i realize he is a hero.

as a Barcelona fan it have become very clear that the team will end up in similer situation with A.C Milan

Declining stars, new players falling to perform and a huge dept which is preventing the club from buyign new world class players. the only reason people still believe just a bit in Barcelona because the poor performance of Real Madrid this season.

why will the coach play Pique who has been out of action for four good month. its time to trust in the hungry youth and move on with the glory of Garodiola days.

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