Check Out How Some Pastor's Acquire Properties. Obofour Reveals.


Rev. Obofour is one of the most respectable pastors in the country. He is one of the few pastors who have been recently giving to the poor and needy.

Even though many people have been sharing their taught about how he showcases it on his own television station when ever he is giving to the poor and needy.

I personally think is not bad because there are many others who does not give at all.

Rev. Obofour have an amazing family with one girl, one boy and triplets.

Rev Obofour came on Facebook live this afternoon, he first apologised to Ghanaians since he was driving whilst making the video.

He continued that there are many pastors in Ghana whom because of what people will say, even though they can purchase vehicles but they refuse.

He continued and revealed that anytime they want to acquire such properties, they rather hide at the back of people so that they claim they bought it for them