Gone Too Soon! Popular News Anchor Succumbs In A Grisly Road Accident


In the past few months in Kenya, road accidents have increased becoming a norm. The major causes are careless driving and driving. What is even more worrying is that this carelessness is sometimes on purpose.Even so, we need to be careful regardless of whether other motorists are following the traffic rules or not. These accidents end up costing thousands of Kenyans their lives.

It has been reported and confirmed that a famous news anchor from KBC has passed on. The Youthful Simon Karutha who works for KBC was involved in a road accident today. KBC has taken time to condole with friends and family of the late journalist.

The government should step up and do more to prevent the avoidable road accidents because they rob of our loved ones, our bread winners, our future.

We send our condolences messages to the family members and close friends and we pray and hope that they find strength during this hard times. May his soul rest peace.

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