How to Show Love to Your Partner

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1. Give your partner space when they need it, and take space when you need it.

Taking and giving space could seem like the opposite of showing love, but it can be key to loving your partner well. For some people, giving and taking space is hard to do. But if you talk about it before you take or give space- you can build a stronger relationship. Some examples of times you or your partner could use space include, after you have spent a lot of time really close together, if you have gone through something intense and emotional together, or if one of you is really stressed about something you have coming up that needs a lot of focus. This can mean going away for a couple of days, not talking as much, or texting less.

Explain to your partner why you think you two need space. For example, you can say something like, "I think I should go to my sister’s for the weekend because I want to give you space to do your project. What do you think about that?"

Taking space doesn’t mean that you are going to see other people. It simply means that you are giving each other distance so you can focus on something or let your partner focus on something he or she needs to do.

2. Pay attention and listen to what your partner says they need or want.

You should also notice little things that are going on with your partner. For example, if you notice your partner is cold, find a sweater for them. Or if your partner seems like they are getting sick, make them soup or buy them the medication they need. These small gestures can go a long way to show your partner you care.

If your partner says they don't want something, don’t do it anyway. For example, if you buy your partner a hat they don’t need because you think that they do, they might become bitter about the present.

Write down what your partner says makes them feel loved and consult it when you are trying to decide what to do for him or her. Or ask your partner’s close friends about the things they like or need when in doubt.

Notice the ways your partner changes and grows. For example, if your partner has become more health conscious and changed his or her diet, don’t make them the food they liked before. Make or buy new food for your partner to show that you support their new lifestyle.

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