Just In: Too much fear amongst the Super Eagles because of one thing about the Black Stars

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The Super Eagles played their best at the Baba Yara Stadium but the Black Stars led by Thomas Partey changed the atmosphere for the Super Eagles by topping the goal possession by 52% although the match ended 0-0 draw . Nigerians thought that Ghana would suffer a defeat during the first leg due to the disorganized structure of the Black Stars amidst a new technical team . It is on record that the Black Stars have won more games in any Nigeria - Ghana football encounter . The truth is that , the Super Eagles are unable to excel in their home matches but there is more to it this time around.

The second leg of the qualifier matches would be played Today at exactly 5.00pm at Abuja where the Super Eagles can not afford to miss any chance at all . Mean while the Black Stars have one thing that the Super Eagles fear the most . And as it is said , fear can kill even before the incident happens and so Super Eagles must watch out on this one thing .

One thing that the Super Eagles fear about the Black Stars is the team's dexterity at issuing long accurate shots .

It is estimated that , all other things be equal , the current Black Stars team can score from any angle of the field and so Super Eagles are very much in fear this time because Abuja may bring tears to the Nigerians .

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