3 Signs She is Not Your Type (Just let her go).

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3 Signs She is Not Your Type (Just let her go).

Everybody wants to date somebody who they can reason together with, without any form of opposition.

Like, your girlfriend should understand you whenever you give an opinion about something.

It is the reason why she is there for you. Otherwise, if she starts opposing everything you put across, then high chances are that she doesn't qualify to be your date.

But how can you know if she is your type or not, to avoid wasting your time trying to study her further?

That is why we are here today, simply listen to what we have to say here today so that you be on the safe side possible.

Now that we have introduced you to our main aim here today, here are the subtopics we selected for you today.

She is not your type if:

1. She still gives out her number.

Well, a woman is said to be ready to be in a date if she has limits. There is no way you can be dating someone who is still giving out her number.

The question is, for what reason should she do that if she knows you are in the picture? Most of the time she will do this because she is looking for someone perfect.

We are sorry to say this but when a woman gives out her number despite being in a relationship, it means she doesn't see a future in that relationship.

In that case, you don't need such a relationship, just walk away and let things remain as normal.

2. She is not so free with you.

You have been in a date with her for a long period of time. But you have come to realize that someone somewhere knows more about her than you.

That means that there is more secrets that she hasn't told you yet. And the reason for this is because she is not free with you.

A woman who knows she loves you from her heart can never hide anything from you provided she thinks you need to know, she will tell you.

Mark the word “free”, if she is not free with you but so free with someone else, simply let her go. She is not your type.

3. She is not willing to spend on you.

Haha, the other thing that raises an alarm in a relationship is who should spend first. You find that is should be both of you to spend on one another.

But now, the problem with most relationships is that, one person is always the one spending as if the other one never gets to have some source of cash.

It is high time you start taking it as normal, where you only spend on those who can spend on you.

Otherwise, if she is never willing to spend on you, then high chances are, she is not your type, let her go.

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