Date Rush; Ali gives Rockson his "charm" to make him get a date.


TV3 Date Rush, a match making reality show that is aired every Sunday at 8pm, has always been known for the intriguing choices some of the contestants make.

A week ago, curvy,beautiful and plus size Shemima chose a slender Ali and the whole country was off its feet.

But the secret as to why Shemima made this choice has been revealed by sources close to Ali and how he lured this beautiful lady into loving him.

One ABDUL GA FAR alleges that it was His spectacles that did the magic for him and would advise ROCKSON to and get himself one if he is to get a date on the TV show.

Rockson, a very cute guy who knows how to dance very well but finding love has been very difficult for him since his ex passed away. After seven heart breaks on the show this season, Rockson is poised to be the male version of Fatima if drastic measures are not taken.

Probably Rockson should take ABDUL GA FAR's advice and that might be his breakthrough.

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