"All Ghanaians Are Inherently Corrupt Because The System Makes Us So" - Lydia Forson

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Ghanaian actress, writer and producer, Lydia Forson has explained what makes Ghanaians corrupt.

In a post sighted on Twitter, Lydia Forson has stated that all Ghanaians are inherently corrupt because the system made the citizens so.

According to her, the reason why people pay 'bribes and connections' to get simple things done is because in a lot of cases, bribery is the only way to go.

Lydia Forson writes;

"All Ghanaians are inherently corrupt because the system makes us so.

Why are you paying bribes and connections to get simple things done? It’s because in a lot of cases it’s the only way to."

Netizens reaction on the tweet below;

Emmanuel Mensah:

"You have hit the nail right"


"It’s not all Ghanaians my dear, I have refused to get anything through bribe and I will not take any bribe to give or get anything done. My friends say I’m behind time but I don’t care. I believe there are others out there like me"


"Right now paying bribes have been normalized.. It's too bad this' happening under a President who's a lawyer"

Derrick Abban:

"That's it!Meritocracy is less known to most institutions, one must be a beneficiary of nepotism/favoritism or pay bribes to enjoy basic opportunities"

Sowah Jefferson A:

"You put so apt. You will die in this country if you want to be a saint because leadership have structured a mechanism to exploit the citizens."

Boateng Samuel:

"Kasa saa but when given the opportunity to lead the same old story like the movie industry you are in. Make that industry interesting and come rant on this app. SMH... miss knowing all."

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