WATCH| "She Did This To All My Shoes And Laptops; When I Reported Her, Police Laughed" -Man Cries

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Since time immemorial, women enjoy a unique position in society. They can choose any man they want because he has something to offer. This culture is as old as humankind, but the only difference now is that men do not only have to provide for their families but concubines as well who continue to demand money from them.

Whilst it is their business to who they choose to give their money, men have been painted with the same brush when it comes to Gender-Based Violence issues. "Men are all the same," people say, without considering that there are men who are kind but abused by their partners. Sadly, their grievances are ignored because being abused by a woman is not common.

In a viral video, an unknown man shared with the public what his partner did to him. In the video, he shows a pair of his sneakers that were sliced open by his partner, pointing out that if he was to go to the cop shop, he would be mocked, and that if he was to take matters into his hands, he will be called an abusive man and sent to jail.

As he continued to share all the sneaker brands that were torn by his partner and pointed out that he no longer has any footwear due to her, he adds that his partner dunked his work laptops into buckets of water, and that they are no longer working and that he does not know what he will tell his bosses.


According to the masses, the victim must deal with his partner, the suspect, traditionally. They add that men go through a lot, but they are often ignored when they make abuse allegations, and their outcry falls on deaf ears.


Abuse is about power and control, and in some cases, it is certainly not gendered. When a woman is an aggressor, people laugh, record the video and sometimes join in. When it is a man, he is attacked by an angry mob.

People of any gender can be abused in a relationship. The bitter truth is that almost all domestic violence is perpetrated by men. Not all men, but most men. Sadly, the death rate of women supports the need for a focus on reducing male-perpetrated violence.

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