Meet "David Genaro's" ex wife and current wife : Rosa Onious.

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Nationally recognized as the incredible "David Genaro" from Rhythm City. James "Jamie" Bartlett is a South Africab actor. He was born on the 9th of July 1966 in Maidenhead, the United Kingdom (UK). He has received numerous awards both nationally and locally for his amazing craft, these include the craft awards, SAFTA awards, Vita awards and more. A few years ago he got married to Camila Waldman who is also a well known South African actress that was on soap operas such as Generations, they have a child together, Hector Bartlett.

Waldman and Bartlett later on got a divorce, officially ending their union. Currently, James Bartlett is married to Rosa Onious who is not a public figure and surely a private individual. According to her social media platforms, she loves traveling and fitness.

Moreover, she is her husbands manager and her biography reads " Live like you will die tomorrow, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching . Live life to the fullest".

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