5 Places To Meet Celebrities In Nigeria Without Invitation.


1. Quilox: Quilox had been one of the famous place you can see celebrities in Nigeria. Even not only celebrities but where rich guys do go for enjoyment and entertainment. Quilox is a luxurious I mean a well furnished and a place where they spend a lot of money in building and structuring it, quilox is a nightclub in Victoria Island, Lagos State. Quilox is a well encouraged place where rich men stays and hide. It is owned by Shina Peller, one of the reason of being expensive is that a bottle of water is sold at the rate of #3000 Naira, can you see how expensive it is, the water that we do buy at the rate between #50 to #70 Naira. Quilox is the biggest nightlife brand in Africa and to say the fact the place worth it.

2. Banana Island: Banana Island is a playing ground where wealthy and rich people do stays and lodge. It is located in ikoyi, Lagos State, the reason why it is called Banana Island is that in view it has the shape of banana, so that's how they derive the name for the place. Many celebrities buy most expensive houses here like Linda Ikeji, the successful blogger I'm Nigeria own a house there and many other celebrities in which they furnished the house with luxurious things.

3. Rock Cathedral: Rock Cathedral is a church, we can't even say it is a church anymore because it resemble a temple, this place is well furnished though it was first built in 1994 by Paul Adeferasa but the church is located at christian church headquarters in Lagos, has been a prominent church celebrities do go for prayers because they prefer going to worthy and luxurious place that matches their nature and status.

4. Eko hotel: Eko hotel as it name implies hotel is a lodge place where one can reside and rest even it is a place where one can stay for relaxation if he or she has an event close to the place. It is most preferred hotel in West Africa. It is located in Lagos but in Victoria Island specifically, it contains many luxurious things like swimming pool and many other refreshments and entertaining things.

5. Murtala Muhammed Airport: Murtala Muhammed Airport this airport is a old airport because it was built during the second world war, and it has been the major airport serving the entire state since then. This airport maybe because it was built for long and is well used by the state, it is well furnished and celebrities do travels anywhere through this airport.

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