Confusion in daboya district assembly over who becomes CLOGSAG chairman information is false



There news on social media platforms indicating that there was a confusion in the north gonja district assembly, daboya, over who to choose as clogsag chair person, this information is not true as reported, there's nothing like that.

I have spoken to a staff of the assembly, according to her, nothing happened during that period, though they met and choose an acting chairman successful, but no one saw anything wrong anywhere in the assembly. So we want inform the general public that, that information was not true and disregarded and thrown in to a trash box. Also the acting chairman read his acceptance speech and encourage members to be hard working in order to achieve the set objective of the union, members also pledge to rally behind the chair person for good works.

Members of the union also want to tell the general public that, their very happy with the choosing chairman, and there wasn't any mistake in the selection process, the union in the assembly came together to choose him, they have accepted him as a chair person.

Many thanks for going through this article.