Dennis Itumbi: Nyandarua People Allegedly Reject Government Relief Food

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Dennis Itumbi who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that NYANDARUA rejects Deep State and ODM fronted Government relief food. They return the food and sends off ODM affiliated SG Jeremiah Kioni effort. Two things. Take the food when it comes, it is funded by your taxes. tell ODM it is your food not their effort.

Joe tweeted, "Aki kichwa kubwa with his infamous propaganda? Of all the places, do you think AZIMIO has got no place to take relief food? kwanza vile mkepe ya mahindi ni mianne, who will dare return food because of Ruto? Enda danganya mama yako!"

Chang tweeted, "These men might not be hungry but there's a kid somewhere who would've benefited from from the relief food, supply the food to people na Siasa isitucontrol in everything we do bana."

Omundu tweeted, "These Nyandaruans have set the bar too high. It's so hard to the food when you know it could cut the hunger pangs for a day but, it's worth the sacrifice. I better go hungry today for the sake of tomorrow. All other regions should follow suit."

Raila tweeted, "That's why baba loves all Kenyans, he tells them if Ruto brings the stolen money to eat it, but know where your votes will come from. So will they refuse gov't help when Raila is president? Will they starve to death bcoz Raila is running the gov't?"

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