True love or stupidity; Man dresses As A Woman Caught Writing Exams For His Girlfriend. See Pictures

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True love or stupidity; Man dresses As A Woman Caught Writing Exams For His Girlfriend

Source: Nigerian celebrities Facebook page

Love can make you do stupid things in the name of love. They did not lie when they say love can fool you. We recently come to learn about the Zimbabwean man who pretended to be his girlfriend during the exams. According to the source drunk in love Zimbabwean man has become a laughing stock after he was caught trying to write his girlfriend’s O’Level exams- MSCE in Malawi. This is the most funniest story we have ever read.

I know woman are the most weakened weapon when it comes to man. Man would do anything to make sure that they won girls heart. I'm not suprised, it does happen many times but they don't caught. She must be special that the man is willing to go this far just for his girl

The Zimbabwean man was caught by the invigilating officer who was invigilating. Apparently he was caught as he dressed up like a woman, with full make up amd a wig. At first they both it was a woman with wig and make up but after careful Zooming they realized that his a man and not a female. His lucky faded away the minutes he got caught a d he was unable to continue with the exams. He was asked to take off the make up and the wig. The man was immediately take but the police who handcuffed him.

Is this True love or stupidity?

Let's share your thoughts about this kind of love. Is this even love or stupidity? We can say it's love whole it's makes him stupid without seeing the truth.

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