They Are All Lies; I Never Asked For That But I Have Forgiven Them - Hon. Adwoa Safo

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Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo's long absence from parliamentary proceedings has created a lot of controversies. However, it is believed that some members are mad at her because of the new demands she made. An example of these demands included being made the Deputy Majority Leader. Today, during an interview on Joy 99.7 FM, the Honorable member debunked every allegations against her and termed them as lies. She said;

"That is so untrue and that I have forgiven anyone who went out to insult me because of hearsay or third party people. They know that all these allegations are untrue and my personal assistant has even come out to debunk all of that and the reason why I did not come out is that, as a seasoned female politician, when people are speaking loudly and you are speaking, you will not be heard. So therefore this is the time for me to explain why I kept silence".

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