How to start blogging for free and earn up to $100 from your blog.

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Have you really thought to ask yourself that what is this lockdown lasts for a year will you find it easy?

Clearly having an extra source of income especially when it's online it's one of the best that you can take while at home for covid- 19 especially now that shop success business places and the world entirely is on lockdown.

there are numerous list of online jobs one can take to start making quick cash from.but blogging seems to be one of the most popular of them all such as Linda ikeji's blog, Azeez ( CEO NAIJALOADED) makinde, and Paul Samson I'm sure does a lucrative starting a blog can be.

Firstly understand what blogging means roles of a step closer to knowing what is all about and how to earn from it.


blogging is a set of many skills that one use to run a controller blow through writing posting, linking and sharing content is there on the internet.


a block is an online diary located on a website.its content to carry features test pictures and videos and is often written in a conversational and formal way.

how to start blogging

1. Pick a niche: choosing a niche to start blogging about can often be confusing to the side so here is an hack i personally used. try to pick a niche that you have experience and passion about trying this technique will keep you going even when the hard part of blogging hits you.

2. choose a blogging platform of your choice: there are few blogging platform you can choose and start your blogging journey from, some good examples are WordPress, blog post, wix etc. advisable is better starting with WordPress because it's easy to navigate for beginners in blogging.

3. Buy a domain name: registering your domain name and hosting it on your preferred web hosting company qualifies your site to be easily visited and enjoy is monetization.

some good list of reliable hosting companies that you can also buy the nickname from are: namecheap, domainking, bluehost, abollyhost etc.

4. Design the site: designing your site requires a nice template, making the site easy to navigate and create all necessary pages like your about page, contact page, privacy policy page etc this can either be done by you or by professional which you can hire.

5. Start writing unique contents: when you start writing content on your blog especially when they are original and unique you are assured of your audience is visiting your site always for updates on the kind of contents you deliver.

how to earn your first hundred dollars as a new blogger

sign up for affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is the act of promoting someone or a company's products or services to get a cut of commission from every sales driven through your affiliate link or banner ads. Sign up and start promoting products for big sites social's Amazon, jumia, konga, and AliExpress.

offer ads placement on your blog

offer individuals and companies to place adverts on your blog for a token when you start growing your traffic. This can help you grow online income quickly.

Apply for any ads company

when you start getting good amount of traffic to your blog you can apply for any ad company you wish. A few of them is Adsense, Ezoic and adshitz.

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