Fiction: She slept over at my place but did not wake up the next morning, what do I do?

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It all started as a joke but it is no more funny, I have gotten myself into a huge trouble and I don't know what to do. My girlfriend visited me three days ago but to my surprise, she is in my bed, but no more breathing. I fear I will be arrested by the police if I report the case. I fear her family members will put pressure on me if I tell them, I just don't know what to do and need your help. Let me break it down to those who want to know what happened.

My girlfriend told me last three days that she was going to visit me and probably sleep over in a couple of days. As a guy, I shouted with joy after she cut the call. The love of my life was going to be with her "daddy" and was actually going to sleep over.

Hearing this as a gentleman gives you an impression that, the bedroom tournament will go on, no matter what happens. I had to contact some "area guys" so they get me a performance enhancer. This was actually the first time we were going to have a bedroom intercourse and I didn't want to disgrace myself.

I had heard from circulating rumors that, women would leave you for other guys if you performed poorly in bed. I didn't want to be a victim so I had to find the solution as soon as possible. Well, she came as promised and really made me feel like a king.

She stocked my fridge with different kinds of soup and stew. I thought I had cleaned my bedroom to perfection but she arrived and proved me wrong. She managed to find filth and cleared them without me even asking her. This is what we call a wife material, a lady who finds time for her lover. I never hesitated taking her out with the money I borrowed from a friend. Man had to show he had money when he actually didn't have.

Talk about the bedroom game, she is a genius. The skills she displayed were one I had never seen or imagined. This girl could hang her legs in the air with her neck right beneath. We would go four rounds and she will still ask for more. Thanks to my performance enhancer drug, I showed her who was the boss.

The problem over here is, I woke up today seeing her relaxed on my bed. I thought she had slept so I went to the kitchen to get us food. I returned only to find her in the same position. I have tried my best to wake her up but she isn't responding. I fear I might have killed her since she is no more breathing.

I want to report this issue but I fear I might end up in prison. I don't know what to do at the moment, kindly help me out.

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