Police Reveals Another Dirty Game "Mchele Gang" Was Using to Fool the Men

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has finally revealed the identifications of the dangerous cartel of women who were working under the gunned down Mutoh.

According to Citizen tv, the man who goes by the name Mutoh has been arrested by the police as investigation is still ongoing. Mutoh hired over 50 women who were doing the dirty job in the return for money.

Apart from using drugs pills that were used to con men, the police officers have again found out another dirty game the women were doing to con the men. According to police, the women were seducing the aged people and tricked them into the "act".

Now, police have arrested over 20 women behind the case as the other 30 are in search. This incident has left a big surprise behind as now the area people want the suspects to be arrested and charged accordingly.

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