Check Out The Conversation in a WhatsApp Group a Fan Created That Has Ramos, Sallah and Others in it


Note: this is just for an illustration, if football stars have a WhatsApp group.

Of course most staunch football fans, fanatic and followers all know that the beautiful round leather game called football is full with banter, as different European football fans come over to banter each other's club, have fun, argue and make themselves happy especially when they are in a viewing center watching a particular team win or loose a game.

A football fan who seems to be a lover of football created a WhatsApp group chat all for humour and banter, the WhatsApp has the likes of football players like Haaland, Sallah, Pogba, Kelvin De Bruyne, Sterling, Rashford and the rest, the football fan who created the WhatsApp group that has Sallah and Ramos, one will immediately know why he did that.

In the chat, the fan made sure the WhatsApp group chat was lively, he made it looked so real that those players were throwing banter at themselves and their clubside, especially what happened in the UCL final some seasons ago where Ramos intentionally brought down Mo Sallah, and couldn't ended the game.

Check out the funny WhatsApp conversations below

The chat showed where Ramos added Sallah, and he was leaving the WhatsApp group repeatedly, a situation which the fan who opened the WhatsApp group wanted people to know that Sallah is still very angry with what he did to him some seasons ago.