Galamsey Must Be Stopped Now Before We All Die Because Of These Diseases That Comes With It.


Water is essential for life, and as a society, we must do all possible to conserve the water we currently have. The procedure of collecting gold near water bodies is extremely hazardous to one's health.

Mercury consumption has a negative impact on water bodies. Mercury could contaminate the water, causing ailments such as cancer and blindness in persons who cultivate food crops and galamsey lands in the area.

According to studies, persons who have lived in galamsey operating communities for more than 40 years have all had cancers of various forms as a result of their chronic mercury exposure.

If this is not strictly regulated and prohibited, similar to the slave trade, we will be forced to import water from other nations at the expense of the country, when we could have conserved what we have.

These are some daring reasons why galamsey must be brought to an end immediately. The next generation would not be pleased with us if we fail them.


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