Government plans to cut off 9 million people who are receiving SRD 350

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The government of the republic of South Africa under the ruling party of African National Congress (ANC) introduced the Special Unemployment Relief Fund as the respond to cruelty of lockdown to ordinary citizens.

Currently there are millions of people which are benefiting from this social relief grant if R350, whom some of them lost their income due to covid-19 lockdown and some were unemployed, looking for jobs.

Now with the new minister of Finance in South Africa, things seems like they will be changing soon. Government through department of Finance under the political principal of minister Godongwane want to change from Special relief grant to family poverty grant.

It has been reported that this grant will cut off around Nine million current special unemployment relief fund grant of R350. Only one member on a family living in poverty will get the grant unlike now were individuals get paid.

My view is that the evidence suggests it would be premature to favour the Family Poverty Grant based on how it would work in theory, when actually implementing the grant is likely to reduce its advantages and pose additional problems.

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