"I have tried to live a faithful life but one part of my body keeps leading me into sin" - Lady Shares Story


Sin an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.In Christian views sin is an evil deed commited by humans, which violates God's nature and his eternal law.Sometimes,people sin as a result of certain uncontrollable circumstances while some enjoys the act and had adopted it as a habit.That was why the beautiful lady in the picture below took to her facebook wall to a popular group (Marriage and relationship counselling) to reveal her struggles against sin in view to get some advise.

According to the lady,she had given her life to Christ several times and even got baptized yet she still finds herself going back to some sinful deeds that are abhorrent to the christian faith.The lady stated that one part of her body which keeps controlling every of her sinful actions is the mind;adding that the nature of her job is also contributes to her going astray..She further pleaded for advise on what to do as to live a good life.

A lot of people also reacted to her post.View screenshots below to read reactions.

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