Simple Steps To Seduce A Married Woman


Admit your feelings.

There's nothing bad than feelings not expressed. This basically is wasted feelings. The first step is always to express ones feelings. Even though you don't know the outcome you will be in a safer and upper position if you state what you feel to your possible other. Although you will be anxious, this will show that you are courageous enough and you know what you want.

Always mantain communication

The most important thing in communication is hearing what is unsaid. You always have to be clear in what you want done or not done. Remember married women are very mature and advocate for straightforwardness. You should not communicate expecting the other party to read your mind and infer what you want. You should avoid beating around the bush and state what you want.

Mantain eye contact.

Remember that the eyes are the window to the soul. But in doing this one should not potray that he is interested in the physical. This is mostly a turn off to a lot of people. Ine should mantain reasonable eye contact and avoid staring at your prospect.

Always be close to each other.

You should use any opportunities you get to be close to your potential prospect. This will play a great role in ensuring that the bond remains strong and you prevail in what you are doing. This does not mean you stalk the other person.

You should act not just speak.

It is a maxim that boys speak but men act.Remember this is a person who has been through a lot. You should not play around. If you want something act on it.