How You Can Easily Start A Conversation With Her If You Are Strangers.


This is the hardest thing every man thinks of. It's that easy just to approach a stranger and start a conversation with her. Do not be worried that much because today i shall show you some of the easiest things you will have to tell her and get her to like you.

Approach her from behind. This is one thing you need to do if you want to start a conversation with her. When you approach her that way, you will atleast have confidence. Most men fear when a girl looks at them if they want to talk to them. So approaching her from behind could do the trick.

After approaching her, all you need to do is to touch her shoulder gently. This will make her turn slowly so as to see who the person touching her is. Do not be nervous at this point. Smile at her and pass on your greetings. At this point, there is no way she will turn you down.

Ask her if you can share a word. You should hope that she doesn't say no. What you need to know is that, when she has accepted to hear what you have to say it shows that she is interested. Do not just tell her that you like her since it may sound weird.

Move with her to a place where there is minimum movement and distractions. Ask her where she was heading to and if she is comfortable if you accompany her. This will sound funny but it will give her a hint that you are already interested in her.

Be more active during your conversation with her. Avoid bragging too much about yourself. This is something most women hate completely. When she asks a question be more genuine in what you say. If it's possible have lunch together. Do not ask her number but just ask when you can meet next.

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