My one and only daughter wants to marry a man who is not employed

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Love is for two people. But there will always be a third force in the midst of those who are in love. 

A woman has written to a relationship column seeking advice.

The woman claims that she only has one daughter and what pains her is that her daughter wants to marry a guy who is not employed. 

"My daughter has insisted that she wants to marry him this year. I have tried to discourage her, but she is adamant. I can’t see what my daughter has to gain from this relationship," she wrote. 

The woman claims to have seen other young ladies going through misfortune in their marriages after marrying unemployed guys. 

What advice would you give this mother who is against the idea of her daughter marrying a man who does not work? 

Should she allow the marriage to go on or should she stand her ground and stop the marriage from going ahead. 


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