Thando Thabethe joins the job suspension challenge, that’s ruining lives of celebrities.

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It seems that mzansi is busy after the Umlamdo challenge started and it got people really captivated and trying it out, though most of people are doing it at different place’s it always ends up at the wall of tiktok and other social media platform. It started with Dineo Ranaka she was taking part in the umlando challenge though many said that it is a challenge made for guys, she is a very spirited women that doesn’t allow anything to stop her from doing anything.

She then took part in the challenge at her workplace as she was dancing on top of dancing her workplace furniture, though she didn’t damaged any of the furniture at work she then got a letter of suspension. The letter referred to her was saying that it’s because she was involved in a misconduct at work that is why she got suspended.

After the suspension she got a lot of people didn’t agree with metro fm persecution as to why she got the suspension, then thats when thando thabethe took the same decision to dance at her work place. She engaged in the challenge just like Dineo Ranaka it seemed as if she was supporting her on her unfair suspension.

She was also dancing at her work place.

Here are the pictures you of Thando engaging on the challenge here are the pictures the pictures she was dancing since she was captured on the vide. This are the screenshots of the video here are the pictures.

Here are the comments from twitter that got people sharping their views wondering if Thando Thabethe is shading Dineo Ranaka.

source: Twitter social media platform

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