How To Bring Up The Best Teachers In Nigeria

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The intellectual development of any nation is tied to the quality of its education and this is dependent on the quality of the teaching/instruction provided by teachers. Here are some ways of bringing up the best teachers.

The quality of instruction that a teacher produces is dependent on his own intelligence. The process of grooming intelligent teachers begins from the training institutions. 

One way of ensuring that the best teachers are churned out of our universities and colleges of education is by ensuring that the most intelligent students are admitted into education courses. A system that allows candidates that are not fit for admission in other faculties will obviously bring up half baked teachers. Consider this scenario: a candidate with a score of 200 in the Unified Tertiary Institutions Matriculation Examination (UTME) deemed to be ineligible to study Chemistry in the Faculty of Science but is qualified to study Chemistry Education in the same institution. To this end candidates that score less than 200 marks in the (UTME) should not be admitted to education courses. This will put education graduate among the best.

Another way of bringing up professional teachers change the method of training professional teachers. The first four years of should be used to train the prospective teacher in the faculty of domicile of his proposed discipline. For instance, an individual that intend to become an English Language teacher should receive the same instruction as somebody who just wants to study the course in the Faculty of Arts. Training in pedagogy should then be provided as a Post Graduate Diploma program. In this way, the professional teacher will be better equipped to teach than other people.

Alternatively, prospective teachers should pass through colleges of education and be admitted to the corresponding departments in the university for first degree. For example a person that intends to teach Economics should study Economics in the college of education and then proceed to the university of his choice for a degree in Economics through direct entry. The pedagogic training received at NCE level will equip him for teaching while the academic training acquired in Economics will make him proficient in Economics like.

The second and third approaches above required faculties of education to be awarding postgraduate degrees which should be monitored by both Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) and the National Universities Commission (NUC).

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