Most Expensive Transfers In Football History; Top 100


Modern football has made a rise in the amount it takes to have a world class player in your team hence, many players are bought with such high amounts that sometimes fans wonder is the player really works his worth

Below, we bring you the full list of the top 10 most expensive players every bought in the history of football

1. Neymar from barcelona to paris saint german

Neymar jnr is a brazilian football who moved to PSG in 2017 on a shocking transfer fee of €222m

2. Kylian mbapye from monaco to paris saint german

Kylian mbapye is a france international forward and tallented young star

He moved from monaco to PSG in 2017 for a fee of €145m plus an additional €35m

3. Joao felix from benfica to atletico madrid

Joao felix moved from benfica to atletico madrid in 2019 for €126m

4. Philippe coutinho

Philippe coutinho is a brazilian-poutuguese winger who's football career started in 1999

His biggest move was in 2018 where he moved from liverpool to barcelona for a fee of €120m plus an additional €40m

5. Anthonio griezman's move to barcelona from atletico madrid

Anthonio griezman moved from atletico madrid to barcelona in 2019 for €120m which is the fifth most expensive transfer in football history

Other top transfer includes

6. Ousmane dembele from borussia dortmund to barcelona in 2017 for €105m + €45m

7. Paul Pogba's move from juventus to manchester united in 2016 for €105m

8. Gareth bale from tottenham to real madrid for €100.8m in 2013

9. Christiano Ronaldo's move from real madrid to juventus in 2018 for €100m

10. Eden hazard's move from chelsea to real madrid in 2019 for €100m plus €40m

Below is the list of most expensive transfers in football

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