Sanral to re advertise almost R18bn in tenders check what Mbalula stated

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SANRAL has almost R18bn on the table to readvertise its almost R18bn in privatized tenders as Umkhonto we Sizwe, ANC, and EFF battle it out for control over Mbalula

The “New Generation of Delivery Vehicles” won’t always roll out as a truck in a white box. They’ll debut as a fleet of small, electric delivery vehicles that will make last-mile deliveries. The vehicles, which will be 50% electric, will use proprietary charging systems and be capable of 100 miles on a charge, will be on the road by the end of 2016.

Bidding for Sanral was expected to close on Wednesday, October 3, 2017, at 10 am. The tender attracted 28 bidders, with an estimated R19.7 billion value. Sanral announced last week that the government had awarded it an R49.6 billion contract to expand the existing Metrorail light rail system for commuters in Gauteng and the City of Johannesburg.

Sanral plans to spend nearly R18bn for almost R18bn in advertising to sell tenders for its R18bn Gauteng rail project.

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