Mount Kenya region divisive politics


The mount Kenya region is tore apart into fragments politically, for the first time in the history of Kenya the regions votes will be split in an election. It was thought that the mountain is selfish and cannot vote in another community, but that may not be entirely true. It is possible that they have always had A strong contender on all elections since 1963, and history has taught us that when a community has a leading presidential contender they tend to vote in one basket.

The solidarity of the mount Kenya region yielded the current jubelee coalition which is led by the president Uhuru Kenyatta. The lake seems to be taking cue from the mountain . Orengo had to pull out a Hussein bolt to save his skin from a mob baying for his blood in siaya. The chase was a cullimination of the heated debate in the national assembly where it appears the lake members of parliament were reading from a different script.

I have not seen an iota of benefit, the region have gained from the United lake. The crumble of the lake votes could be what the region want to unlock her economic potential. Photos of homa bay teaching and referral hospital have been circulating in the social media which is exactly the size of a despensary.

Mulembe is naturally divided, no amount of super glue can hold it together , previous attempts towards this goal have all failed spectacularly. These are the people who understands the tenets of democracy and this is what Kenya needs. The valley appears to have no rift at the moment. The central Baringo is too featherweight for the indomitable ilium. Isaac Ruto chickened off and threw his plogom inside the wheelbarrow. The valley is as united as never before they are the setback towards the Kenya's rebirth. They must join the country in the new order by disintegrating.

The fall of these tribal enclaves will be great for this nation. We have had them for eons and it is time we experiment a new thing, doing something the same old way and expecting a new set of results is one of the greatest mistake.