Latest Photo Of Vanessa of "Maria" Sparks Mixed Reactions

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Former citizen aired drama maria had a female character by the name Vanessa.She acted as the daughter of william and she was a sister to victor and luwi.Her real name is wanjiku stephens.She is an actress and also media influencer.

The lady is one of the lucky ladies who are beautiful.Her charming face,attractive figure and cute smile makes her beautiful.On her instagram account,wanjiku stephens posted a beautiful photo of her and she added a caption which says;

"Can you see a kerry washington in this photo?she might think i am her".

Wanjiku Stephens compared herself to american celebrity kerry washington.She says thay both of them look alike.Here is the photo of kerry washington that she is referring to;

After posting this,Neticens gived their different reactions.Some congratulating for her beauty,others agreeing that they look alike while others disagreeing.Below are screenshots containing different comments from neticens;

Afte looking at the photos of both wanjiku stephens and kerry washington above,please comment whether they look alike or not after reading this post.

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