Ghana's Hypocrisy Exposed - Ghana Ranked 2nd In Countries That Love Watching P.orn


For a country that prides herself as a religious country, it comes as quite a shock to have your name listed amongst countries that love watching BBW cartoons.

It's sheer hypocrisy? We like it but for the fear of being criticized we pretend as though we hate it? Is this what most Ghanaians are watching behind closed doors?

It seems every Ghanaian is a saint when issues of the adult entertainment comes up, meanwhile, this data clearly shows that most Ghanaians are simply hypoctital and actually enjoy watching adult entertainment Online.

You can easily see the hypocrisy when you follow these models and slay Queens on Instagram and Snapchat, they have outrageous numbers because the demand for their content is high. Ghanaians are more drawn to the content of adult entertainment and yet they behave on social media and social circles as though they don't know what it entails.

Nigeria was first on the list and Ghana came second. At least, Nigeria has over 150 million population whereas a country that has just about 30 million population placed second --- outranking United States of America and the United Kingdom. This stat was released by P.ornHub, an adult entertainment platform. It's just Disgraceful.


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