How To Make A DIY Flower Crown

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Flower Crowns are pretty accessories for women. They are perfect adornments for weddings and festivals. Flower crowns are made from flowers just like the name implies. Real flowers or artificial ones are used to make flower crowns.

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Keep reading to know how to make a flower crown all by yourself.

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You need the following materials to make a flower crown: 

Flowers: Live or artificial flowers can be used. If you are using fresh or live flowers, you can make your flower crown the night before to avoid flowers wrinkle. 

Greenery: This is applicable to fresh flowers. You can improvise with trimmings if you are using artificial flowers.

Twine or craft wire: This will be used to form a round base for the flowers. For fresh flowers, you can use twines or fresh strong stalks. 

Pair of scissors: You need this handy to cut flowers, tapes, and wires.

Floral tape or Transparent tape: This will be used to wrap the flowers together. It is advisable to use floral tapes for fresh flowers.


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Step 1. Gather the materials listed above. You do not want to run short of any, as this could cause a delay. 

Step 2. Shape the wire or twine to your desire. To get the best fit, wrap the wire around your head. You can also measure around your head and then cut out the wire using this measurement. 

Step 3. Wrap the greenery or trimming around the wire. You need some tape for this, to ensure it sticks to the wire. 

Step 4. Attach your flowers to the crown. Fix the flowers in layers, also use floral tape for this step. Arrange your flowers as you desire. All you need is creativity. 

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Your Flower Crown is ready for use. Did you enjoy this tutorial? Leave a comment below.

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