8 Essential Reasons Why You Should Always Eat Bitter Kola

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Bitter kola or Garcinia kola can be described as a plant found in central and western Africa often called African wonder but. It has been valued over the years for it's medicinal properties. It belongs to the family Guttiferae and offers the body with diverse health benefits. The reasons why you should always eat bitter kola will be discussed in this article.

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Health Benefits And Reasons Why You Should Always Eat Bitter Kola:

1 Bitter Kola contains saponin which detoxifies the lungs.

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2 Bitter Kola influences the immune system by enabling the body to adapt to stress and prevents infectious disease.

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3 Treats Malaria: bitter kola contains a natural antioxidant photochemical (kolaviron) that possess antimalarial properties.

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4 Treats diabetes: the seeds of bitter kola lowers blood glucose.

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5 Helps pregnancy by combating the nausea feeling in pregnant women.

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6 Bitter kola has anti cancer effect which helps in treating bossom cancer

7 Aids weight loss: bitter kola is a natural hunger suppressant and thirst stimulant. This prevents excess food consumption.

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8 Erectile dysfunction treatment: bitter kola has aphrodisiac effects which treats erectile dysfunction in men.

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