Video Link: Another Kenyan Traffic Police Officer's Phone Snatched By Motor Cycle Rider

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Taking to Twitter under the hashtag Engage with the IG, a concerned Kenyan has shared a video of yet another Motor cycle rider who snatched a phone from a traffic police officer on duty.

Mukhtar Maalim, a true Kenyan patriot, tweeted saying; "Mr @IG_NPS @DCI_Kenya How safe are our police officers on the road if their phones are easily snatched by rogue bodaboda guys? If the previous incident was fake, now this just happened today at a shell petrol station along Kangundo Road."

This is the second incidence in a months time that has been reported whereby a police officer on duty is stolen from. Who then should provide security for the common mwananchi?

It is a concern that should be looked into and a solution sought. The IG continued to ask Kenyans to share various Security concerns as a way of getting to know what is happening in places where our security men and women have not been hinted.

Video Link:

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