See The Church Entrance Design That Got People Talking (Photos)


As we all know, church is a place where people who believe in God worship, people who are known as believers or Christians.

Christians simply mean Christ like and believes are those who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A church is a place of worship for Christians, most churches built in almost every country all over the world are unique except this one.

This is totally different from what we have been seeing.

This church is known as the church of luminants, located in the united states of America.

This Church's entrance got people talking.

An architect who designed the entrance of this particular church made it differently from the church standard.

They used materials such as concrete and steel, people still ask why the entrance is like that.

What is the reason behind this design?

Where is the works heading to?

It is difficult to differentiate between the number of people that encouraged this design and the number of people that find it offensive.

Your opinion is needed.

What do you think?