Friend of Leticia Kyere Pinaman, 16-year-old girl who allegedly committed suicide speaks

Close friend of the deceased final year student spoke about how the incident happened. According to her, they were in class learning, after they were done with their studies they went to their various houses for bathing and prepare for church service.

The time they finished with church service, she wasn't part of them. The friend said, she was the one who normally shares the food, she proceeded to share the food. Later, one of her friend called Kaizer shouted. She didn't take it serious and later shouted again, that is where she saw her friend holding her heart moving backwards. She quickly run to the place and called madam to witness the incident.

Speaking to UTV, they saw her hanging at the school dinning hall. They called her name Leticia and she couldn't respond. Her friend disclosed that, she is one of the person who doesn't want to share her problem with anybody but rather preferred to solve problems by herself. A note was found on the deceased read "There is soo much sorrow and pain in my heart.