ESL: Read What Zlatan Ibrahimovic Said About The New European Super League Formation


The news about the new formation of the European Super League (ESL) which would see top European clubs in the likes of, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and others, join the ranks have been oppose by AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The 39-years-old Sweden frontman has revealed that he won't take part in the imminent league which is expected to kick-start sooner or later in the coming days.

Zlatan admitted that, he just made a return to his national team last month and some person's in Madrid want to tarnish his dream of playing for his country, a thing he will continue to oppose and if it requires him leaving his current club to play where he would be able to represent his country, he wouldn't think twice before moving out of AC Milan, whom are one of the candidates for the new European Super League which was recently formed.

As stated, players who represents the 12 clubs that were officially announced as members of the European Super League, would be banned from playing in World Cups, Champions League, Europa League and even Euros. Because of the decision to banned players from representing their countries in World Cups and Euros, many players have opt against the European Super League. Ibrahimovic admit that, it is insane to stop players from playing for their countries because they want to partake in the newly formulated European Super League. He said, it is a do or die affair, he will play for his country. Furthermore, he added that, he can find another club if the European Super League bodies persists on their decision to stop footballers from representing their respective country.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, insist that there is a club he can join to ensure he continue to play for his country. He mentioned Malmo in Sweden, Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) and River Plate (Argentina), calling out Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi following his aforementioned clubs above. He said, Messi and Ronaldo should be in International football, he knows they have the same intentions as him. So they can't stand losing their chances of playing for their respective country at international level.

According to report via SoccerScenes Africa & Globe, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, cleared speculations on the new formation of the European Super League, saying, 🗣️: “I will play for Sweden. I just came back to my national team last month and someone in Madrid, who has never played football in his life, wants to see me and other footballers out of Euros and World Cup, it's insane. It's do or die. I will play for my country.

“I can find another club if it continues like this. There is Malmo in Sweden for me. There is Sporting Lisbon in Portugal for Cristiano Ronaldo and there is River Plate in Argentina for Lionel Messi, these players should be in International football, I know they're thinking exactly what am thinking although they haven't come out yet, once they come out you will see that footballers are powerful than owners.

“Playing for Sporting Lisbon, River Plate and Malmo won't stop our qualities, but it will save football from this disaster”, Ibrahimovic concluded.

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[Source]: SoccerScenes Africa & Globe

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