Reactions As MP Nyoro Reveals How He Helps Voters For A Living Using The Ongoing Projects In Kiharu


Hon Ndindi Nyoro who is a member of parliament for Kiharu constituency ignited a hot discussion online when he posted how he is supporting his voters for a living using the ongoing projects in his constituency. (Courtesy photo)

According to his statistics, over 800 residents of Kiharu are currently engaged in 83 ongoing projects within the primary schools.

He said one of the principles of Kiharu NG-CDF is to create a multiplier effect in the communities where projects are being done in a way of uplifting local micro economies benefit. He further enumerated how that is being done:

1. He said he ensure that 100% labour is local, with no exception.

2. He stated that where they initially had a deficit sets, they trained local men and women. He confirmed to have trained 150 residents on fixing tiles and 150 professional painters. He affirmed that that shall ensure enough skilled labour without sourcing from outside the constituency.

3. He also said all materials that are found around are also sourced locally, like sand, stones and many others.

4. He further revealed that welding of Windows and doors is done by the welders within the locality. Local shopping centre or the welders are domiciled on site. All doors, windows are done locally.

His post attracted several comments from Kenyans, majority of them applauded him for the wonderful activities that he is doing in his constituency the sake of the humble families. Some even asked him to continue with the same spirit since his political future is so luminous. Anyway, these are some of their reactions:

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