Nhlanhla Lux appreciates the SANDF for catching the illegal

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Nhlanhla Lux has applauded the South African defence force for catching the illegal foreigners that were trying to cross the border. It is very pleasant that most of the Citizens see them doing their work this way.

It's only that hen you look at those illegal immigrants that are sitting down, there are just a drop in the sea. There are a lot of them that they failed to catch. When they get about 10 of them, you must know that they have missed a thousand.

So we can't really say that they are doing a good job. This is just a small group that is a taken to make a media statement. So let them do their work if they want to do their work, not to show us this on social media to be appreciated for doing nothing. Also for doing far less than what they are getting paid for, it is very pathetic.

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