How Nigeria's glorious turtle said to have lived to the age of 344 in Oyo state deceased


An imperial royal residence in Nigeria has reported that its occupant turtle has passed on after a short sickness, saying it was a momentous 344 years of age. 

The turtle, named Alagba, which means older one, lived in the royal residence of Ogbomoso in Oyo state. 

BBC Yoruba's Abdulwasiu Hassan said Alagba had, at any rate, two individual chaperons to see to her necessities and would eat just double a month. 

She was thought to have recuperating powers and drawn in guests from all over. 

The worshipped reptile was evidently brought to the royal residence by the realm's third chief, Isan Okumoyede, who ruled from 1770 to 1797. 

Notwithstanding, Isan Okumoyede ruled a little more than 200 years prior. This implies the turtle would have effectively been 100 when she was found, for her to have arrived at the greatly advanced age of 344.

Furthermore, reptile specialists have provided reason to feel ambiguous about Alagba's supposed age. 

Tim Skelton, custodian of reptiles at Bristol Zoo, said it would be "incomprehensible" for Alagba to have experienced that long.