Ladies Don’t Go For A Surgery; Take These Natural Remedies To Literally Tighten It


You might have come across a stream of cosmetic advertisements about re-growing your 'virginity' or simply put restoring the contractions of muscles “down there”. It’s become a complex situation for most women especially after childbirth, and as usual they get more anxious their husbands or partners will seek bodily pleasures elsewhere.


Some of the recommendations that comes to mind are pretty much expensive and with temporary effect to making your genitalia tighter and better for your sex life. You might have heard about the complex hymenorrhaphy.


Yes, and it simply refers to hymen reconstruction surgery. Or Vaginoplasty; a type of surgery specifically designed to tighten the vagina. Some other medical solutions employs lasers but I wouldn’t want to talk much about these because of they being expensive, and almost with the same effect as ‘plastic surgeries.


The concept is basically about vagina-tightening as for a fact, revirginizing isn’t a permanent condition. So, what is logical and most sought-for solution is basic and natural remedies. But hey today, we get to learn about some home-made recipe and therapy that could get you there.


One common spice which had triggered years of debate about ‘vagina-tightening’ is cloves. In Indonesia, tradition have maintained that using water from soaked cloves to wash the pubic part of women helps tightening it. Though no scientific evidence had been gathered to prove or disprove it, it is widely recommended by traditional healers and sex therapist as a solution for women who had just given birth.


In 2019, a particular page on Facebook dominated discussion about the use of cloves in vagina tightening. There were mixed reactions but most had some testimonies about it.


Another powerful method you could try is pelvic floor exercise. This is combination of exercises that helps strengthen a group of muscle that supports your uterus, urinal bladder and bowels. There has been sufficient research undertaken to confirm that this exercise helps tighten it. You can employ Kegels or other yoga techniques, however this requires some consistencies.


There are more to share in my next article. Keep an eye here.




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