The Most Dangerous Lifestyle You Should Avoid In Your Life

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Alcoholism, this is a disease, a pit that many have fallen into and have found it hard to recover from. I have come to learn that we men have this habit of every time we are not busy or during our free times our hobbies have turned to going out to drink with friends or with new women. If you drink moderately you are safe but for those who are doing it without limits this one is for you. It is not too late to stop.

I know times are hard, we are all stressed out, going through hell, so we tend to find peace when we hit one for the road especially after work, well am okay with that. But we should not over do it, and if it's possible we should do away with alcohol and do other constructive things.

There are many ways we can replace drinking with, first of all, hitting the gym, secondly joining book clubs or lottery clubs, learning a new sport like tennis or golf, doing gardening and many other things. Yes it's very much possible to do things that are sober with your extra time that have long and short time benefits.

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