[VIDEO]: Chop Bar Pastor Exposes Fraudsters

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The Chop Bar Pastor named Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah but popularly known as Prophet Ajagurajah exposes the Fraudsters.

According to Prophet Ajagurajah, consulting a fetish priest for money is not only a money ritual but protection, strength, and the others from the fetish priest are included as money rituals.

Prophet Ajagurajah says the Fraudsters act is a money ritual since they have sought protection from a fetish priest to operate.

Prophet Ajagurajah said Fraudsters are not different from money ritualists, especially those who fraud for a huge amount of money because claiming huge money from an outsider is very difficult but due to the aids from the fetish priest, they earn it easily.

Therefore, what Prophet Ajagurajah exposed on the Fraudsters is that they are all money ritualists and not only the ones who consult the fetish priest purposely for money.

For more details from Prophet Ajagurajah, watch the video below

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