If President Akufo-Addo Loses Election 2024 Because of Galamsey, He Will Earn My Respect Forever.


The fight against illegal mining, best known in Ghana as Galamsey has grown to attract many Ghanaians. Today, the media, think tanks like Imani Ghana and many other concerned citizens have endorsed the fight against the menace. The incumbent President Nana Addo Dankwa even placed his presidency on the line.

Today, the fight has gotten even more fiercely as excavators spotted at mining sites are being burnt. In the 2024 election, according to the NPP research team, the party (NPP) lost many votes thanks to Galamsey. According to their report, some Galamsey operators even funded the opposition party whilst others too embarked on individual campaigns against the NPP.

Behind all this, the President has even intensified the battle against Galamsey. Galamsey is ruining our river bodies and leaving contaminated chemicals in our water. Aowin, a district in the Western Region, recorded cases where pregnant women who drink from the contaminated water give birth to babies with no nose, eyes, ears or mouth.

According to research, in the next 20 years, Ghana would have to import common drinking water for its citizens because Galamsey operations have ruined all our water bodies.

Many Ghanaians have criticized the President for burning the excavators. They say it could be used for something else like giving it to various district assemblies to work with or auction the excavators. But we all know the same Galamsey operators will either borrow the machines from the district assemblies and work with them or turn around and buy the excavators when it is auctioned.

Therefore, I endorse the burning of excavators. Besides, with Ghana’s multiple resources, what has it gotten us? We have gold, bauxite, uranium, oil, human resource, fertile land, river, etc. But is Ghana better than the Western world, which has just one or two resources of what Ghana is having? The obvious answer is NO!

So, please, 20 excavators cannot change the destiny of Ghana. I respect President Akufo-Addo for showing dedication and commitment to the fight against Galamsey.

God Bless My Homeland, Ghana.



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